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About Polycarbonate rod

Polycarbonate rod is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic by extrusion processing. It is a semi-transparent thermoplastic rod and offers excellent impact resistance and low water absorption rate. In addition, polycarbonate rods can work well at an ultimate temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.

As one of the popular engineering plastic rods, polycarbonate rod is used for multiple industries, for example, automotive parts, appliance parts, machine parts, etc.

UVTECO is a leading supplier of polycarbonate rods, we stock polycarbonate rods with transparent, black color, and the diameter is from 6mm to 300mm, the standard length is 1000mm and 2000mm. Otherwise, we provide machining services, including cutting, turning & drilling processing.

Specification of Polycarbonate rod

Transparent polycarbonate rod in stock

Model description
Model of Transparent Polycarbonate Rod
No.Code NameDescription
1UVTPCUVTECO Polycarbonate
2TROTransparent Rod
4CUCustom Product
ItemModelColorDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-002Clear/transparent2mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-003Clear/transparent3mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-004Clear/transparent4mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-005Clear/transparent5mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-006Clear/transparent6mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-008Clear/transparent8mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-010Clear/transparent10mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-012Clear/transparent12mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-015Clear/transparent15mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-016Clear/transparent16mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-018Clear/transparent18mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-020Clear/transparent20mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-025Clear/transparent25mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-030Clear/transparent30mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-035Clear/transparent35mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-040Clear/transparent40mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-045Clear/transparent45mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-050Clear/transparent50mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-055Clear/transparent55mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-060Clear/transparent60mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-070Clear/transparent70mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-075Clear/transparent75mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-080Clear/transparent80mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-085Clear/transparent85mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-090Clear/transparent90mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-095Clear/transparent95mm1000mm
Polycarbonate RodUVTPC-TRO-100Clear/transparent100mm1000mm

available Colors of polycarbonate sheet

The common color of polycarbonate film is transparent, with matte and frosted surfaces, PC film is translucent. Otherwise, black polycarbonate film will be needed for some applications, such as battery packs for electromobiles.

Sometimes, people need a white polycarbonate film with a light diffuser function, we call it a “polycarbonate diffuser”.

ItemThickness RangeTransparentTranslucentBlack
General-purpose polycarbonate Filmfrom 0.05mm to 1mmYY
Optical grade polycarbonate Film Rollfrom 0.125mm to 0.5mmY
Flame retardant polycarbonate Film Rollfrom 0.05mm to 1mmYYY
PMMA/PC Filmfrom 0.3mm to 1.5mmY
Scratch resistant Polycarbonate Filmfrom 0.125mm to 3mmY
Anti-fog Polycarbonate Sheet (Thickness from 0.125mm to 15mm)from 0.125mm to 1mmY

Properties of Polycarbonate Film/Roll

Basic PropertiesTesting StandardUnitValue
DensityASTM D-792g/cm31.2
Flame-retardant gradesUL94V0 or V2
Natural Color//Transparent

Basic PropertiesTesting StandardUnitValue
Light Transmission (clear film)ASTM D-1003%>89
Haze (clear film)ASTM D-1003%<0.5

Mechanical PropertiesTesting StandardUnitValue
Tensile StrengthASTM D-638Mpa68
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityASTM D-638Mpa2530
flexural strengthaSTM 790Mpa100
flexural modulus of elasticityASTM 790mpa2200
hardnessASTM D-2240D85
izod impactASTM D-256J/M800

physical propertiestesting standardunitvalue
water absorption (immersion 24 hours)ASTM D-570%<0.35

thermal propertiestesting standardunitvalue
coefficient of linear thermal expansionASTM D-69610-5-1/K5.6
heat deflection temperature(66psi/264psi)ASTM D-648120
max continuous service temperature in air120

Main Usage of Polycarbonate Film Roll

  • Internal insulation and electronic shielding;
  • Electronic display screen;
  • Lenses;
  • Battery packs of electro mobiles;
  • Membrane switches;
  • Control panels;
  • The front face panels of the electric device;
  • Face shield;
  • Instrument panel;
  • Sight & nameplate;
  • Instruments panel of car;
  • Luggage Case;
  • Helmets;
  • Display sign or indicator;
  • Industrial parts by machining polycarbonate sheets;

Main Feature of Polycarbonate Film Roll

  • Excellent ink adhesion;
  • Outstanding toughness;
  • Excellent flame retardation, meeting V0/U94;
  • Excellent abrasion resistance;
  • Good chemical and weathering resistance;
  • High light transmittance;
  • Easy to die-cutting and cutting by CNC router;
  • Easy to print by UV printing and silk-screen printing;
  • Great electrical insulation;
  • Withstands most extreme hot and cold climates between -40°C to 120 °C;
  • Environment-friendly material and meet RoHS and REACH requirements;

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